Fun for the whole family awaits you at the Swim School of Boulder!

 PARENTS: are you looking for a fun and healthy way for you and your children to spend quality time together as a family? Something you can do to develop and enhance your child's fitness? Something you and your kids can share, and learn valuable skills as well? 

We believe that your swimmer's aquatic safety is incredibly important and would welcome the opportunity to develop it.

Being a safe and confident swimmer is a skill that is both useful throughout life, and at the core of a wide variety of aquatic activities!

You're ready for you or your child to learn how to swim, but how do you decide what swim school will provide the best learning environment?

The Swim School of Boulder uses a standards-based system of lessons to promote aquatic safety and build in-water swimming skills. 


Swim Schools International (or SSI) bases their training program for swim teachers on a set of Training Standards, which begin with ethical standards, and move toward specifics of teaching. Each class level has standards for how it should be taught, each Swim Teacher Certification has standards for how it should be taught, and Swim Centers have standards that maintain quality from one Swim Center to another. Simply put, using standards means peace of mind for you. 



 Teacher Certifications

SSI has years of experience developing and implementing certifications, with over 40 years in the realm of Scuba Diver certifications. SSI ported over the strong underpinnings of that certification process and applied it to swim teaching to create the most prepared and capable swim teachers in the world. Swim School of Boulder Teachers undergo a home study program, classroom training and pool training to learn the specific skills properly. In order to focus their training on the correct group of students, each certification level requires hands-on apprenticeship time under another certified SSI Swim Teacher. SAFETY and CONSISTENCY for your swimmers are the names of the game here. Using this apprenticeship requirement means that every certified Swim School of Boulder Teacher has experience teaching with another before beginning to teach their own students on their own.


Lesson Plans

The Swim Schools International standardized lesson plan, known as the Gold Script, allows The Swim School of Boulder to create an open enrollment program without impact to the progression of the swimmer. Classes are tailored to the individual swimmer based on ability, not on a timeframe for completion. If your swimmer is ready to move up to the next level, the lesson plan flexibility allows for that to occur on an individualized basis, instead of waiting for the entire class to reach the final goals for the level.