• Try Scuba

    Embark on one of the most exciting journeys of your life! Try scuba diving in Boulder County's only indoor heated dive pool. Taking the plunge into scuba was an exhilarating step in our lives and we’d love to share that experience with you. Sign up today!

  • Open Water

    Your passport to the underwater world begins with the open water diver certification. Acquire the knowledge and skills to be lifelong underwater explorers. This class promises to be one of the greatest adventures you will ever undertake. Sign up today! 

  • Specialty Workshops

    Ready for your next challenge? Continue your education by completing one of our many specialty workshops. From learning how to navigate to diving at night, from extending your bottom time to exploring historic shipwrecks, these fun and exciting workshops give you the skills needed to expand your diving horizon. Check out the possibilities!

  • Pro Dive System

    The Pro Dive System is designed for the diver who wants to own high-performing, reliable life support equipment. This system includes the Aqualung Legend Regulator, Balance or Libra BCD, Suunto Cobra 3 computer and everything else you've ever wanted. Dive the equipment the pros at OFD use!
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  • The Swim School of Boulder

    The Swim School of Boulder has the area's premier private aquatic training facility. Our indoor pool is kept at a comfortable 89°F and we have private locker rooms, showers and instructors trained to the highest standards. Come experience our amazing facility firsthand and you’ll see why swimmers of all ages choose the Swim School of Boulder
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  • Ocean Classrooms

    Ocean Classrooms is an online educational portal that provides a highly engaging, innovative approach to teaching key disciplines, including math, physics and marine science. Our dynamic and interactive academic programs can be delivered entirely online or in a flipped class format, affording flexibility to augment curriculum with labs, lectures and discussions.
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The Swim School of Boulder grew out of the passion of a few avid aquatic professionals in both the swimming and scuba diving worlds. They were intent on creating a standardized program for swim instructors, beginning with ethical standards and then moving towards specifics of teaching. Our Gold Script lesson plans allow for the advancement of the swimmer based on ability, not a schedule.
Our heated indoor dive pool is Boulder County's premier aquatic learning environment. We keep it at a comfortable 88°F, perfect for both swim lessons and scuba training. One-third is a 4' shallow end devoted to swimming and two-thirds has a 12' flat bottom conducive to scuba training. We also have private locker rooms, showers and a break room with refrigerator and microwave.
Ocean First Divers is a eco travel center, offering domestic and international dive & snorkel vacations for both individuals and the entire family. We conduct monthly open water training dives and travel to the Florida Keys year round. We also frequent Central America, the Caribbean & South Pacific. At OFD, there’s always an exotic adventure that’s right for you.