Ocean First Divers Studio Center


Ocean First Divers’ very own Graham Casden has been passionate about photography for over twenty years. His first recollections of shooting in the field dates back to his early teens when the family took a summer vacation to Egypt, Kenya and Tanzania to witness the primordial pyramids and wild animal kingdom firsthand. He shot over 50 rolls on his Nikon N90 and would be hooked for life. His evolution into digital led him through the Nikon family, from the N90 to the D1X, D2X and D3. Only time will tell where it will lead.

Ocean First Divers offers the Digital Underwater Photography levels one and two, an assortment of underwater cameras and housing recommendations, tips and techniques for getting that award winning shot, Photoshop and post production consultation and printing services.

Digital photography has made shooting underwater more practical and economical. Don’t hesitate any longer, come in and start your life-long career in underwater photography.