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Education and the environment are the cornerstones of Ocean First Divers.  We believe that an emphasis on holistic relationships should begin early with discussions, movies and literature.  Our goal is to exhibit a proficiency in teaching acumen, instilling our graduates with the tools and skills necessary to be safe, well-rounded, conscientious divers.  Our management has collectively issued thousands of certifications, helping us amass the knowledge and experience one comes to expect from world-class instructors.

Ocean First Divers works diligently with many international training organizations to develop curriculum that separates our business from the rest.  In addition to dive certifications, we look to provide a rudimentary introduction into marine biology to help our customers develop a greater understanding and appreciation for the marine environment.  By recognizing the need for improved education, we believe our customers will realize the importance of preserving our oceans.

With an Instructor Trainer, Master Instructor and a number of Dive Con Specialist Instructors, Ocean First Divers is able to offer a wide selection of courses, ranging from Try Scuba all the way to Instructor.  We look forward to working with you and hope to see you underwater soon!