OFD Host:

Bahia Principe Tulum

Tulum, Mexico

Nov 23-30, 2008   

Tulum, Mexico

Water temperature: 78-81 F
Cenotes: 73-75 F

The Bahia Principle Tulum was designed by the prestigious Mexican architect Fernando Quirarte and is inspired by the Maya Pucc architectural period. The hotel was designed to maximize the natural resources in the area to achieve long-term sustainability and guests are received with the traditional warmth that characterizes Mexico.

Our Experience

We arrived at the Cancun airport after a huge storm had been rocking the coastline. The visibility at the beginning of the week was 50’ and noticeably affected by the runoff, but improved each day as the storm subsided and gave way to beautiful blue skies. Though there was some evidence of the damage from Hurricane Dean, we saw beautiful canyon-like formations varying from over 100 feet all the way up to 40 feet, making for easy navigation, all within a ten-minute boat ride from shore.

The best diving was a little north of the hotel, towards the town of Akumal (which is the Mayan word for turtle), where we encountered queen angelfish, turtles, toad fish, spiny lobsters and incredible visibility. On Thanksgiving, we headed off to Cozumel for a day of drift diving. Visibility exceeded 80 feet, corals were healthy and the fish life bountiful. French and queen angels, nurse shark, morays, damselfish and spotted drum were the highlights.

On the last day of diving, the group headed inland for some cavern diving in the Dos Ojos cenotes. The water temperature was a bit chilly, but visibility was an incredible 200 feet and crystal clear water was adorned with stalactites and stalagmites. Upon surfacing in a beautiful bat cave while in the middle of a dive, we felt like we had entered another world.

The final day in Mexico was spent touring the Mayan ruins of Tulum. We learned about the architecture and history of the Mayans, swam at a beautiful beach and supported the economy at some local vendors before heading back to the hotel.