OFD Host:

Garden Island Resort

Taveuni, Fiji

Dec. 28 - Jan. 6, 2011

Air Temperature: 80-85F
Water Temperature: 79-82F

Fiji has over 300 islands scattered throughout the South Pacific. Taveuni, known as the Garden Island, is Fij's third largest island. This verdant island has numerous waterfalls, natural rock waterslides and superb trekking. Deserving of every accolade, Taveuni boasts world class diving, with healthy, diverse reefs and a plethora of marine life. Considered to be the soft coral capital of the world, Taveuni is home to great diving sites like the Great White Wall, which is completely blanketed with lavendar soft corals. You will certainly enjoy with spectacular diving in this South Pacific paradise!

Our Experience

Upon our arrival to the Garden Island, we were a bit groggy from our trans pacific flight from Los Angeles and everyone was looking forward to settling in to our rooms. But as soon as we walked into the lobby of our resort, we were greeted with warm hugs and beautiful songs from the entire staff. This warm welcome energized the entire group seemingly for the entire week.

The nutirent rich waters that run through the Somosomo Strait feeds one of the most famous reefs in Fiji. Rainbow Reef is home to one of the world's greatest displays of soft coral. Every dive was an explosion of color, so brilliant that it often distracted us from many of the other inhabitants of the reef. On our very first dive, we were greeted by ribbon eels and white tip sharks, setting the stage for what would be an incredible week. Every dive offered something new, from various species of anenomefish to friendly queen triggerfish. This trip was certainly one for the ages!

An excerpt of drinking Kava by Jo...

Several divers sampled the Kava-a local "drink with a slightly narcotic effect," made from a mysterious root hidden deep in the rain forest. Garden Island Resort band prepared and provided the Kava.

Deb, who should know since she drank several cups, told me that the more Kava a person consumes, the better it tastes. So, obviously some metamorphosis took place changing the murky, muddy drink to a tasty delight. Perhaps the taste buds simply become numb. I'm told the tongue does.

Kava, Deb reported, has a bitter taste or not much taste at all. Others suggested the flavor of Kava is akin to dirty sock water, but even so it does not have a strong flavor. Apparently, the taste doesn't linger either (thanks to the Fijian God who protects children and fools). After each slurp of Kava punch, Debby exhibited bizarre facial expressions reminiscent of Scottish warriors tasting the foul witches brew in "that Damned Scottish Play," Macbeth.