OFD Host:

Lions Dive and Beach Resort


Sept 20-27, 2008


Water temperature: 80-84 F

What We Saw:

Squid, spawning coral and xmas tree worms, hawksbill turtles, spotted eagle ray, moray eels, numerous sea horses, porcupinefish, beautiful soft corals and much more!!!

Our Experience

For those who want to be catered to while diving and an amazing resort to relax at, Lions Dive and Beach Resort is the place to stay!  Normally you would think that a resort with as many rooms as this would have a very impersonal feel, that simply is not the case here.  Upon check in we were told that there was no record of our full-board meal plan but not to worry as they would sort out all the details and we could go enjoy our dinner-what a relief after traveling so far. The two restaurants on property had very different menus but always something you wanted and enjoyed eating.  The slow service is well made up for by the quality of the food and enjoying your fellow travelers.  

Have I mentioned the diving?  The hotel staff is only surpassed by the service we received from the dive staff.  The manager personally makes sure everyone is having a great time and their felxable schedule really caters to those on vacation.  The boats left at a leasurly time of 9am every morning and the sites were typically only a 5-10 minute ride away.  We had a great time diving with Chauntal and finding numerous sea horses.  The visibility was very good for most of the trip averaging about 75ft.  We were pleasntly surprised by the fact that our trip coincided with the annual coral spawining.  What a treat!  For just a couple of nights the corals come alive and send off plumes of eggs in quick bursts.  It is something to put on your must see list.  We were also treated with seeing Christmas tree worm and red heart urchin spawning.  The great thing about Curacao is that there is no end to seeing weird and small things.  The diving is so easy that we were able to sit and watch the animal's behaviors such as a golden spot eel hunting and a flounder trying very hard to eat a sharpnose puffer-don't worry it got away!

When we weren't diving we enjoyed the snorkeling in the lagoon, resting on the huge sand beach, going to the Sea Aquarium which gives hotel guests free admission, taking a cab to Williamstead the capital of Curacao, or going to the  Curacao liquor distillery.  

It was a great trip where many friendships were made and all are trying to find a way to go back at some point in the future.